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    JV: June 14 - 17 \\ SS: June 17 - 21


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  • About #SSAR

    Super Summer Arkansas is an evangelistic/discipleship camp sponsored by the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, with support from the Cooperative Program.

    The Cooperative Program was launched in 1925 in order for Southern Baptists to pool their resources for the purpose of God's Kingdom. It enables us to do more together than what we could ever do separately. It is our way of joining hands and hearts to support missions and ministry in our state, the nation, and the world.

    It is split into two camps: Super Summer JV, serving campers who have completed 6th-8th grades, and Super Summer, serving campers who have completed 9th-12th grades. Both camps have adult leaders who attend one or both camps as adult chaperones. Every camper is assigned a specific college-aged staffer who will be there to facilitate small group discussions and recreation.

    The Mission

    • God has given us an amazing opportunity to pour into the students, youth pastors, and adult youth workers across the state of Arkansas.

      Our desire for the students coming to Super Summer is to discover more about the Bible, learn to share their faith, and fall more in love with Jesus. We pray for the students who will come to #SSAR and meet Jesus for the very first time as their Lord and Savior, and we also pray for those who come and fall in love with him all over again as he reaches in and changes their heart.

      We are humbled to be a part of his plan, as he raises up the next generation of leaders. It is our privilege to serve.
  • Register for Super Summer

    Access the Online Registration System

    2014 Registration Fees

    "Early Bird" Registration \\ February 1 - February 28

    JV: $179
    SS: $199

    Regular Registration \\ March 1 - April 30

    JV: $189
    SS: $209

    Late Registration \\ May 1 - May 24

    JV: $209
    SS: $229

    Adults Attending Both Camps

    Super Summer will be able to offer a discount of $50.00 for adults attending both camps. To maximize the savings, it is encouraged for adults to register during the early registration period.

    Students and Adult Workers

    To begin, create an account and supply the information requested. The next time you need to login, you'll simply provide your email address and password.

    After you have created your account, you can register yourself for camp if your Youth Pastor has enabled registration for your church. You'll be able to see exactly how much you owe, and can cancel your registration should you need to.

    Once we have assigned you to a staffer, School or PrimeTime, and dorm room, we'll show you that information as well.

    Youth Pastors

    As your church's youth pastor or group leader, we aim to make the camp registration process as simple as possible. To begin, create an account and supply the information requested. The next time you need to login, you'll simply provide your email address and password.

    You have the ability to OPEN registration, which allows your students and adults to register themselves OR you can choose to keep registration CLOSED, which means you will need to input all of the campers coming from your church--Don't forget to register yourself!.

    Before camp, you'll need to pair your campers with the roommates you would like them to have. Campers provide their preferences during registration, but you have the final say.

    The website will show a real time listing of all your campers, balance, and payments. When we assign your students to a college staffer, School (for senior high) or PrimeTime (for junior high), and a dorm room, all of this information will be available on the website as well.

  • Requirements

    Interested in staffing? Here are a few requirements:

    • Love students
    • Actively pursue a lifestyle consistent with Biblical principles
    • Graduated high school 1 or more years ago, and younger than 30
    • Be actively involved in a local church
    • Be available June 12 - 21, 2014

    The Process

    It's really easy to apply to staff with us. We'll walk you through every step of the way, but here's the quick run down on what you'll have to do.

    • Apply Online
    • Complete an Interview
    • Supply Two References
    • Tell your friends!

    #SSAR Staffers

    Staffers are the key to Super Summer! As a staffer, you'll get to interact with students from across the state. Countless students will walk away from #ssar knowing they are loved because of the interaction they had with their small group staffer.

    To begin the application process or login to an existing application, visit our staffer website.

    Login to my Application


    If you've received an email from us requesting a reference for a staffer applicant, you can complete that easily online.

    Access the Reference Form
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    Contact Info

    Super Summer Arkansas

    Address:10 Remington Dr.

    Little Rock, AR 72204

    Telephone:800.838.2272 x5222


    Ouachita Baptist University
    Super Summer Arkansas

    Address:410 Ouachita St.

    Arkadelphia, AR 71990



  • Privacy Policy

    SSAR takes securing your personal information very seriously and we have gone to great lengths to ensure your privacy is maintained as securely as possible. We are leveraging an encryption technology on our website, provided by Starfield Technologies, Inc. Encryption makes it very difficult for unauthorized people to view information that is traveling over the internet.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please email help@ssar.me.


    The evening worship service is one of the best components of Super Summer, and we want you to be involved--even if you can't be at camp. Worship with us. Pray with us.

    LiveStream is available daily during camp free of charge.


    Our schedules at #ssar are packed with some amazing events and activities, making #ssar an amazing camp experience for thousands of students. You can download the SS and JV schedules, which will show you what we have planned for each day when camp begins.


    Whether your student is a first timer or a veteran to Super Summer, we want to make sure you feel prepared to send your student to camp.

    Writing your student...

    [Student's Name]
    Ouachita Baptist University
    Super Summer Arkansas

    Address:410 Ouachita St.

    Arkadelphia, AR 71990



    Every camp is different, so it's important to know what you'll need to bring and what we will provide for you. Super Summer Arkansas is on the campus of Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

    Here's our suggested list:

    • Bedding: Sleeping bag or sheets/blanket and pillow. One camper from each room should bring a sleeping bag, cot, or air mattress to sleep on.
    • Towels
    • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
    • Casual Clothes (be sure to include dark clothes for recreation)
    • Tennis Shoes (flip flops can NOT be worn to recreation)
    • Bible, along with pen/pencil/journal/notebook
    • Spending money for drinks/snacks/band merchandise

    If you prefer, you can download a full listing of items to bring:


    Youth pastors: you can print off one of our form letters that contains our 'What to Bring' List, as well as an area you can fill in to give parents information on where they need to be and when


    For Super Summer to be a great experience for everyone, following the Camp Rules is imperative. Super Summer rlies on the adults who oversee their youth group to enforce the rules within their own youth group.

  • Worship: Citizen Way

    Citizen Way is a true band of brothers - in the literal sense. This infectious rock four-piece is comprised of two sets of siblings with strong ministry backgrounds and a mutual passion for music that began long before the band officially formed in 2004. Band members Josh and Ben Calhoun and David and Ben Blascoe share a camaraderie that is undeniable and results in a unique, unparalled connection for a band that has plenty to say.

    Months before their April 2013 label debut album, LOVE IS THE EVIDENCE, this promising new signing was already generating buzz - even as they continued to write and record. The band's first single, "Should've Been Me," made an impressive debut, shooting up to the top of the charts and peaking in the Top 5 on Christian AC radio.

    Speaker: Wade Morris

    Wade is from Birmingham, Alabama and has served on staff at several churches before surrendering to a full time call to itinerant ministry. Wade combines sound Bibilical truth, insight into the Word, and humor to make his teachings attractive and effective. This combination allows Wade to not only evangelize those outside the church, but also deepen the faith of the believer.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    You've got questions, and we have answers!

    What is Super Summer Arkansas?

    Super Summer Arkansas is a camp sponsored by the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, with funding provided by the Cooperative Program. Super Summer Arkansas takes place each summer on the campus of Ouachita Baptist University, in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. It is split into two camps: Super Summer JV, serving campers who have completed 6th-8th grades, and Super Summer, serving campers who have completed 9th-12th grades. Both camps have adult leaders who attend one or both camps as adult chaperones. Every camper is assigned a specific college-aged staffer who will be there to facilitate small group discussions and recreation.

    How do I register?

    Registration is done completely online. Click here for the registration site. A church's youth pastor (or a youth worker working in the place of a youth pastor) must register online and open up a church's registration before a student or adult can register. Once the youth pastor has given the green light for his church to register, then students and adults can create their own registration account and register from the convenience of their own home or office. At the end of the registration process, a consent form will be generated. This form must be signed and returned to your church's youth pastor, along with a check for the full amount due. (Please note: If your church is conducting its own fund raisers to help subsidize the camp fees, please pay the amount requested by your youth pastor).

    Who determines my roommates for Super Summer?

    During the registration process, you will have the opportunity to list two roommate preferences. These roommates can be from your church or from another church. During the end of the registration process, your youth pastor will be the one to actually make pairings/assignments for your church. Once your youth pastor has made the pairings, they will be submitted to Super Summer. The Super Summer registrars have the authority to change any roommate pairings necessary in order to accommodate the maximum number of students possible. Super Summer makes every effort to work with your church's youth pastor before making roommate pairing changes

    How do I cancel?

    In general, you or your youth pastor can cancel a registration without penalty until a pre-determined date. This date is indicated within the registration guidelines. After this date, a cancellation fee will be assessed. This fee helps us pay for any materials that have already been purchased by Super Summer for you. Eventually, there is a deadline date where we cannot accommodate any refunds to registration charges. Again, please see the registration page for these specific guidelines and dates.

    Where do I go when arriving on campus at OBU?

    At the beginning of each camp, every student and adult must go through the registration process. Registration is held at the Sturgis Physical Education Center (SPEC) on campus. When you arrive in Arkadelphia, follow the posted Super Summer signs and staffers, and they will help make sure you are in the right place. Our staffers will greet you and your students in the parking lot and help guide you to the right place inside SPEC.

    Your students can immediately go to the bleachers in the arena, but the church's youth pastor must immediately go to the youth pastor check-in table. Signs will be posted to help guide you to the correct place. Once you have checked in with our registrars, they will give you the rest of the information you need to carry on with the registration process.

    What can I expect during registration?

    During registration, you and your students will be given their appropriate teaching assignment, name tag, curriculum, t-shirt, and dorm key. The process for getting your students all the things they need is fairly simple once you arrive on campus. Simply follow the signs, and be sure to ask any of our staffers if you need additional help or have questions.

    I've never been to OBU--how do I know where things are?

    If you are a youth pastor, when you visit the check-in table, you will have a staffer assigned to help you find your way around campus. Please make sure you indicate to us that you have never been to Super Summer before.

    If you are a student, the best way is to find some of our energetic college staffers, or your fellow campers, and ask them where to go. There is also a map in your curriculum book that will help you.

    Where will I stay during camp?

    We hope you brought your tent. We have some nice camping spaces reserved just for you--just kidding. Every camp participant will be housed in one of OBU's dorm rooms. We have a piece of sophisticated computer software that houses each participant, in accordance with the rooms made available to us by OBU housing. Because of the way Super Summer is designed, it cannot be guaranteed that all of your students will be in the same teaching group or small group. The only people guaranteed to be in the same teaching group are those campers who are rooming together. Housing is designed this way, because it allows groups of 2 or 3 students from one church to make new friends by interacting with up to 5-7 other campers from other churches. During the first night, this may seem a bit odd for shy students, but by the first day's recreation, campers become best of friends.

    What are the various teaching assignments and how are they picked?

    Super Summer JV is split into 6 separate groups called "PrimeTimes." Each PrimeTime group has several executive staff members who serve to teach the curriculum, lead worship, and handle technical equipment.

    Super Summer Arkansas is split into 6 separate groups called "Schools," indicated by a unique color. Blue, Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow are for our 9th-11th grade students. Camo school is reserved specifically for those students who have just completed the 12th grade, as the curriculum and topics of discussion are designed specifically to prepare these students for the upcoming college and workforce years they will be facing. Each school has several executive staff members who serve to teach the curriculum, lead worship, and handle technical equipment.

    Each camper will be given a color, which will be posted to our website approximately one week before camp. Campers typically bring clothing or other items related to this color, which they use throughout the week to show "school spirit." This makes for a great camp atmosphere, but is certainly NOT required.

    What happens during recreation and do I have to participate?

    Recreation is a vital piece of Super Summer, because it encourages team building and builds relationships in ways that no other activity can. Recreation is a series of team-building games designed to get students wet, dirty, and to have fun. Recreation is required for all students, except for those with medical disabilities. Adults are not required to participate.

    Who will be leading the small group discussions?

    Student campers will be assigned a college staffer before they even arrive to Super Summer. These staffers arrive to camp and undergo two full days of training before interacting with any students. Each staffer must apply, have two completed references, and go through an interview with one of our executive team members. These highly qualified students are incredibly excited about serving and encouraging your students while they are at Super Summer. These staffers will facilitate small group discussion times, relating to the material covered in their main teaching sessions, and will be playing the recreation games with them. Our staffers go out of their way to build a bond with your students. The reason many of our staffers have come back to help us is because of the impact a previous staffer had on them when they were a camper.


    Can I change my roommate, dorm, or PrimeTime/School assignment?

    Changes to these items are handled on an individual basis, but are typically not granted. If you would like to request changing any of these, you must contact your youth pastor, who will then contact Super Summer. Again, once this information has been made public to all campers, these requests are generally not granted, because they impact other students who have already been assigned, as well.

    If you did not receive the roommate you requested, please contact your youth pastor.

    Do I need to bring money to Super Summer?

    Housing, curriculum, food, and your t-shirt are covered in the registration charges paid to Super Summer. However, if you wish to purchase items, such as the band's merchandise, snacks, drinks, or other t-shirts, additional money will be required.