Youth Pastors and Group Leaders,

Watch the video or read detailed instructions below for info on the registration process.

For more detailed information on registration processes, please see the email sent to your church or email for a copy.

To summarize in a simple manner:   

Step 1

Go to, under the registration tab click on “Youth Pastors and Group Leaders.” 


Step 2

Under the appropriate “weeks,” reserve a number of spots for each of the categories – JV adults, JV males, JV females, Sr. High adults, Sr. High males, Sr. High females.  Start low and increase as needed.  You are reserving spots for the quantity of students and adults you are bringing to each session.


Step 3

Click on the “New Account” button to create a church account. 

Enter your church’s information and group leader’s information into the system. 


Step 4

At the end of creating an account, copy the URL code to send to your group.  The URL can be found in your “Itinerary.”  A few churches are sending groups to two different weeks, i.e. JV to Week 1, Sr. High to Week 2.  You will have two different codes.  Please distinguish those codes if you send those out.  Or just send your students to the Super Summer website.

Also, make sure your group has either your email or the email of the person you want to do housing.


Step 5

Register yourself by using the code/URL for your group.


Step 6

As registrations begin to happen roommate codes will begin to come to the housing coordinator’s email.  Communicate that email address with your group.  Keep those codes for housing in an email folder.


Step 7

At any time, you can login to your church’s account and under “Itinerary” you can check on the status of your church’s registration, access medical forms, and other reports.